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Not on his personal playlist

I gotta get my man a job, so I can have my home office back to myself. I have a hard time concentrating with The Military Channel or The History Channel in the background. Occasionally, he'll turn it to something I would like (this morning it was The Mummy Returns) but that is equally bad, because now instead of just annoying me, it distracts me from working because Brendon Fraser is on TV. (which reminds me that a new Mummy movie is coming out Aug. 1).

Anyway. I had on "I love the '70s" digital music channel in the background while I was working and Army of Dad was outside with the 9-year-old. He comes back in and the Jackson 5 are on. His first response "Oh my God!" I replied with "What? You don't like the Jackson 5?" "uh, no. Anything with I love the 70s on it will not be on my personal playlist," he said.

Lucky me. Now it is back to something like the history of casinos on the History Channel. Gees Louise.


  • At 8:06 PM, June 23, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey we switched it up after that and played Halo 3!


  • At 2:39 PM, June 24, 2008, Blogger Dr Zibbs said…

    I hope you made him get a switch for his thrashing after that comment.

  • At 11:49 AM, June 25, 2008, Blogger Gadfly said…

    As AoD is likely looking after the kids while you work -- get headphones, woman. He'll hand you the phone :o)

  • At 3:47 PM, June 25, 2008, Blogger El Capitan said…

    I might have to pass on this latest Mummy flick... Rachel Weisz is not returning as Evie, so there's a big reason to stay home.

  • At 10:30 PM, June 25, 2008, Blogger Geriatric Nursing said…

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