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I like big butts

Sometimes there are frivolous lawsuits that make you just roll your eyes.

This lady is suing Victoria's Secret because a decoration on her thong underwear popped off and scratched her eye. Good grief. It could be that your butt is too big for the panties you bought and forced it off. Or, it should be that you stretched it too tight and the stuff flew off ... *shrug* being a gal with a big ass, I can so totally picture that. I guess my thing is that she just got a scratch on her eye that required some cream to get better. I can see taking the panties back, exchanging them and even having the store pay for your doctor's visit and prescription. But, to go to the trouble of filing a lawsuit. Give me a break.

*Panty pictures for you pervs found while looking for an image of the offending thong panties.*


  • At 8:03 AM, June 23, 2008, Blogger VFlorez13 said…

    When I read that article I was floored. I cannot believe that someone could be idiotic enough to file a lawsuit for that. If she wins will they start putting a caution label on thongs? "Protective eyewear should be used when handling this item"... Changes the meaning of always using protection entirely, huh?


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