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We saw it coming

I'm guessing it was close to three months ago when A-Rod's wife called him out publicly for passing out at the birth of his second daughter. That was when Army of Dad and I concurred that the pair would be filing for divorce within six months.

No one - who truly loves their spouse - would throw them under the bus like that with the media unless there wasn't some underlying dislike or something more sinister brewing under the surface. I had heard about him being seen with skanks on the road (color me shocked that a professional baseball player is playing around on the road while his wife is home taking care of babies). So, I wasn't all that shocked when she said it. It was pay back.

We all read about her infamous F-U shirt (only she had it all spelled out) that she wore to a Yankees game. Yeah, I'd say they have been having some issues. I would think that good looks and lots of money only go so far to keep a couple happy. The egos in that house are both probably pretty fierce. Ok, were.


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