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Convening in KC

In a few weeks, I will make my way to the lovely home of the Royals, yes, Kansas City. Why, you ask am I planning an excursion to the BBQ capital? Well, I have a professional convention to attend. I get put up in swanky digs with a room and a soft robe all to myself.

Me and the 100s of dorks who write about everything from real estate to farming equipment will attend sessions on how to do podcasts and edit press releases more efficiently. I know, I know, rub down the goosebumps.

No doubt, my liberal Jewish editor buddy will want to hang out with me to see how us politically conservative Catholics view the upcoming presidential election. Yes, I am most definitely an oddity in the world of journalism. But, I digress.

My honey, the Twins fan, shared with me a post about one of his favorite Twins sports writers/bloggers Aaron Gleeman and his excursion to a Society for American Baseball Research convention. Damn. I would rather go hang out with the drunk sports writers, I think, than my band of B2B writers and editors. I mean, hell, he gets to play poker, get drunk, harassed by security and feel up a leg lamp.

I'm thinking the most exciting thing that will happen at our convention will be for our Einstein meets Gabe Kaplan guy to be obnoxious and say inappropriate things (not that it is unusual).

By the way, anyone got any suggestions for KC destinations? I won't be too much down time, but if I do ...


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