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ESPN Execs Must Have Stock in Kleenex

I'm telling you, I gotta get my honey out of the house more. He has ESPN on in the mornings while I'm trying to work. Now, I'm a pretty big sports fan (especially for a girl), but there are times when these stories are designed to make even the biggest, strongest man weep.

For whatever reason, ESPN has been doing these My Wish stories. Oh good grief. If I wasn't in love with Big Ben before, now, he is most definitely one of my favorite athletes of all time. I love the way this big monster of a man treated this little boy, Akeem, just like any other kid. He didn't coddle him or treat him in a condescending fashion or like a kid in a wheelchair. He treated him like anyone else. What a treat for this kid.

Today, was the story about a little boy born with water on his brain who lost his sight and his dad died, too. Good grief. Please just reach your hand into my chest and pull out my heart like that tribal dude in the Indiana Jones movie.

Anyway. All I can say is that ESPN must be TRYING to make people cry. These stories are wonderful treats for these poor little kids who have to endure so much. But, I will tell you what, as a kid who went through hell and back (I had cancer, seven surgeries on my face as well as told I had only three months to live), kids are resilient. They are much braver than adults. We don't have quite the sophistication to really comprehend it all, so it is much better to learn to cope when you're a kid. Makes life easier when you're an adult. Us grown-ups would be weenies to have to endure what these kids do. God love 'em.


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