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Something we seldom see at at Rangers game

Ok, we only see All-Star pitchers at Rangers games when we get lucky and they're pitching for the other team. Hot Rod went to the Rangers-Angels game tonight with a friend. He got to see Ervin Santana start and then K-Rod finish. How cool for him. I'm very jealous. He also got to see this vicious play at the plate with the Angels' catcher, Jeff Mathis. He may have to be on my shit list along with Robin Ventura (which this is a pretty remarkable story about his ankle being transplanted). Anyway. This hit by Mathis was brutal. But, Ramirez held on to the ball and even managed to shake out the cobwebs and get up to make a force-out on third in the same play. Gotta love it.

The mom of the Hot Rod's friend called me to let me know the group had made it home safely. She said sitting by him was entertaining as he was regaling her with stats and information during the baseball game. She said she asked him what position the "Young" on his Rangers jersey played. She said he looked her with incredulity that she dared ask such a dumb question and responded very simply (so as not to confuse her): short.stop. She said it was really funny. Yep, that's my boy.


  • At 7:32 AM, July 08, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What is so bad with what Mathis did? Ramirez isn't an icon and this is big boy baseball-not Little League!


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