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British Soccer Camp, Day 1

Doesn't he look like a wonderful Gatorade ad? Happy, happy kid. He really loves camp and British Soccer camp, in particular, is lots of fun. These guys really make it that way.
Here is Hot Rod with his team - Chelsea - in the F.A. Cup. Little Bit's "mini campers" also split up into teams for an F.A. Cup challenge and she, too, was put on Chelsea. The kids thought that was great.
Here is Hot Rod, center, taking on two Arsenal teammates. Hot Rod won the ball from the two of them. It is amazing how much better he is now after a year of playing academy soccer. Having the professional coaching has made him a lot better. Plus, his temperament is better, too, I think. That is saying a lot from my Hot Head. :)
Here, he's making a run. He had a shot that whacked the cone - so they didn't count it as a goal. :(
Little Bit and her Chelsea teammate make a run on the goal. This little fella, B., is about three weeks older than Little Bit. His parents used to live across the street from us, so they've grown up together whether they realize it or not. :)
Here, B. is taking out a kid on Arsenal while Little Bit takes the ball down the field to shoot.
Checking out her boots. Today was Little Bit's first day to wear cleats, so it was a totally new experience for her. :) Day 2, should be fun, too.


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