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These are a few of my favorite things

I was looking around on the MySpace page of a friend who has a band. I've made it to his front page of cute girls and hot chicks. I feel very special. So, I'm searching around to the cute girls on there to see their pages. One girl's main picture shows her and another blonde in their bikinis. I went to her page and under her "general interests" entry is this:

Sunshine, Rainbows, sandals, thunderstorms, coffee, cats, listening to the waves at the beach, bubblebaths, jogging, new shoes, laughing til it hurts, long talks with my mom, any food made by my dad, trying new things, cheese, reminissing, my life right now, cars, relaxing at home, designing, collecting funky earrings, Starbucks, smiling, hugging someone I love, writing my thoughts down on paper, cars, listening to music while i fall asleep, getting a pedicure, going to vegas, mexico, mountain dew, Victoria's Secret, MTV, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, ebay, homeade ice cream, pickles, being nude, birds, xm radio, fine wine, long hot showers, flowers, taking pictures.

Oh gees, I'm cracking up. This is exactly how she had it written, misspelled words and random capitalization and everything. I'm most impressed that she likes to write *insert girlish giggle here* and ice cream and pickles are close together by nude. If she is nude often enough, she may crave ice cream and pickles. *snickering*

Honestly, I like most of those things, too. The thing is, I don't think I'd take the time to write them all down like that. What would be fun, though, would be to have the time to think of all those things I like. Hmmm *scratching chin* maybe I'll do that now.

Things that I like that aren't affiliated with motherhood:
Going to movies, live music, Robin Williams, soft kisses, long drives, XM Radio, FC Dallas, peppermint mocha, wi-fi, Caption This, Harry Potter, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sex on the Beach drinks, Matchbox 20, Bellinis, the Dallas Cowboys, Project Runway, candles, Cosmpolitans, Chevelle, long hot baths, Texas Ranger baseball, hot tubs, Carlos Bocanegra, gardening, sleeping in, Diet Cokes with easy cherry at Sonic, reading, CSI, Law & Order, cheese enchiladas, Nathan Fillion, getting my hair done, my Josh Hamilton tank top, jewelry, Kasey Kahne, Lord of the Rings, museums, smutty novels, taking pictures, making friends, hanging out, comedy clubs, red toe nail polish, surfing the web, staying in a hotel with my husband *wink*, shoes that fit, young men in baseball pants and my "I Club Hippies" shirt from Ranger Up.

There are so many more, but those are the things that came to mind immediately. :) Now, I know you'll sleep better knowing all those things.


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