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Sending this one to Leno

The headline across the top of the local newspaper's sports page on Thursday:

Denton High's students, athletes shrinking

I cracked up at the image of the tiny students and athletes being shrunk by that goofy Moranis guy from "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" series of movies by Disney. The next thought was of the grandma from "Parenthood" when she sees her loser grandson and he tells her she looks shorter and she grumbles "I'M SHRINKING!" with his response, "bummer."

Anyway. In J-school, they teach you to think about what you write in literal terms, because someone else is going to do it that way. So, reading that headline made me squeal with laughter. Then, the dorky part of me starting thinking about a correct way to write the headline and illustrate that the number of students in the school is shrinking, not students shrinking.

Of course, then my pinball thinking led me to a favorite tune from "Parenthood." It is one I taught my children, much to Army of Dad's chagrin. The tune is Diarrhea.


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