Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Liberty Memorial or are you happy to see me?

Forgetting to post my Liberty Memorial pictures and World War I Museum pictures is unforgivable. I will try to rectify that soon. Here is me and Army of Dad out front last month.

Send good vibes and/or do an anti-rain dance for my mother-in-law. She lives in Brevard County, Florida, where they've had around 20-something inches of rain already from Fay. She got water in her living room, but so far, she's not flooded.

Found Little Bit a new very frou-frou tutu for her at the thrift store today complete with matching floral headband for a grand total of $5.99. Woo hoo. Much better than the $20 they wanted for a new one (that was prickly and not as cute) at the dance store. Although we had to drop $49 for new tights, tap shoes and ballet shoes. Thank God, my folks are coughing that up. Still can't understand how someone could take a little girl's dance gear and not turn it in to the front office. Little Bit is convinced that the "bad guy" will be held accountable upon meeting Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. She said "I forgive the bad guy who took my dance clothes. But, he has to talk to Jesus about it when he dies." She has a very satisifed look on her face as she said it, too. That Jesus guy is no pushover, apparently. She and Hot Rod had quite the discussion about it. Hot Rod was talking about how you have to MEAN it when you ask for forgiveness because Jesus knows if you're not sincere. I was proud of the girl for having a forgiving heart, but also when she said "I need to take better care of my stuff, so I don't forget it and someone take it." So, she is looking at it in a good light. Maybe I'm not a total failure at this mom thing.

On second thought, there is still this.


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