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Anime Fest was Labor Day weekend. So, Pickle and I trekked to Dallas for the event. We had a blast. He dressed up as Speed Racer and got a lot of attention. Instead of a traditional CosPlay with skits, they did the 'masquerade' like a fashion show allowing each "character" to come up and show off their costumes. This is the run-through at the very end after the first run through. Pickle is next to the end. The Ramen kid was hilarious. Pickle had his own little harem of women in addition to his adoring fans. :) He really enjoyed it. I have LOTS of pictures to post. Of course, the woman screaming the loudest? Yeah, that's me. But, I was joined by choruses of other females. LOL


  • At 5:24 PM, September 03, 2008, Blogger A Naughty Mouse said…

    Too freaking cute! (but don't tell him that)

    If you get a chance, go and put in your 2 cents worth on my poll! I'm having a female 1/3 life (I refuse to call it midlife) crisis.


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