Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



I sent this in to my hometown paper along with a nice little paragraph or two about my daddy for Father's Day. I think I was 9 or 10 in this picture. What I love - in addition to the doofy way my dad wore his cap - are the ancient cars in the background. Makes me feel really old. But, hey, I'm pushing 40 in just a few months. *insert deep sigh here*

Daddy coached me from kindergarten on up till I discovered boys were more fun that playing softball with a large group of lesbians-in-training (as we got more competitive) who didn't look like Jennie Finch. So, I think I was 15 when I finally stopped playing ball. But, dad taught me to be a pretty good ballplayer, I think. He was still playing in the old folks league until last year. You know, looking at that picture, I think I still have that glove somewhere in my stuff. I have a bunch of trophies in the garage on the beer fridge. The children are fairly impressed that they're mine - and that's not all of them. I just kept the good ones from tournament wins.

Haha .. just noticed the Kmart sneakers and the knee socks. I think we graduated to sliding pants the next season or two after this one.


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