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Funny First Day of School Story

Nothing piques your curiosity about the first day of school more than when the kindergarten teacher pulls you aside with a big grin on your face during pick-up. Uh-oh.

Teacher: Your daughter said the funniest thing, but I'll wait to tell you when there aren't so many kids around.

Hmmm. Wonder what she did?

Standing in the foyer this morning talking to a cute little mom who has been a room mom with me for the past two years (her son also played basketball with Hot Rod). We discovered that while our big boys aren't in the same class this year, her little boy is in the same class as Little Bit. So, we're chatting when the assistant principal comes up with a big grin on her face. Oh no.

Asst Principal: I have got to tell you how smart your daughter is.
AoM: Uh-oh.
Asst Principal: *smiling* No, it's a good one. I was introducing myself to all the classes yesterday and I went in and told the children that Ms. M is the best teacher in the school and that I heard this was the best class in school. That's when Little Bit raised her hand and said 'I bet you say that to every class, don't you?' *cracking up now* I had to tell her, I don't use those exact words to every class. That was the truth. She's really clever.

*shaking my head* Yep, that's my girl.


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