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Supermodel, part 3

More pictures of my beauty. These first two were taken by her brother, Pickle, with a camera using 35 mm film (camera belonging to Hot Rod's godmother). This was waiting for her turn on the stage. Cracks me up.

Then, Hot Rod's godmother captured these great shots on the catwalk. She got an eruption of cheers from the crowd. The little kids with some 'tude seemed to get the best results out of all of the models. And, Little Bit, she certainly has some sass and attitude.
The little pigeon-toed pose at the end of the runway totally melted the hearts of the people in the audience. The lady in front of her with the melon-colored shirt and white trim is the principal at the school where Hot Rod and Little Bit attend. Her three children were in the show, too. Too cute. Can't tell I'm proud, can you?


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