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Work It Girl, Part 1

Rehearsal: 8:30 a.m. *yawning* Little Bit's "Back to School" fashion show at Dillard's starts at 1 p.m. today. So, we started the day off with a run-through to get the kids ready for the show. The tallest girl in the hot pink on the far left is our principal's daughter at Little Bit's and Hot Rod's school. Her twin little brothers are in the show, too. Little Bit was VERY nervous. Her and the girl in the blue to her right wound up walking together because they were both so anxious.
Here they are with a cute Dillard's employee practicing. It was funny, too, because Little Bit and the Blue girl were so animated up until time to walk. Butterflies, I guess.

So, we stayed afterward and gave it a practice walk or two. Much better. This is her school principal with her kiddos.
While she was practicing, I kept singing this song to myself. And, then, when she turned and posed, this song started in my head. Darnit. Singing Ru Paul and Right Said Fred makes me feel old. Pictures and/or videos will follow.


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