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Dancing with the Stars

Something tells me that Army of Dad may have a new interest in Dancing with teh Stars after he learns that Kim Kardashian and Misty May-Treanor will be among the celebrity dancers. I like Susan Lucci, too, from all those years of watching All My Children. I watched the last episode or two when Emmitt Smith was on there, but never watched it other than that. So, we'll see.

If he can watch this booty dancing around in slinky attire ... yeah, he'll be there glued to the TV. At least he won't be licking it like the girlfriend of one of his buddies did once during a football game. Ok, I don't anticipate that he'll be licking it, let's put it that way. Ok, if Misty May's butt is looking like that, all bets are off regarding him accosting my television set.


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