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I Miss N'Awlins

I got home tonight and I already miss The Big Easy. I wasn't sure how I was going to like it, but like it I did. Ok, I pretty much fell in love with it. The people are super nice. From the tourists to the locals to the service industry folks - all were so welcoming and wonderful. We had such a good time. I'll try to post as many of the pictures as we can over the next few days. This video is probably my very favorite entertainment moment of the trip. We discovered this guy when I thought he was going to puke on BFF. She didn't see him coming, but I did and I grabbed her and spun her around - shocking the crap out of her! Then the guy comes up laughing (instead of blowing chunks) and we all just started cracking up. So, we started watching this guy work. Be prepared to laugh out loud. I don't think we would have laughed as hard as we did had we not seen some dude laying in his own puke Thursday night while his buddy stood over him smoking a cigarette. Yep, that was our welcome to New Orleans.

More to come. Enjoy!


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