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MILFs on Bourbon Street, Part 3

It isn't as much fun to post without the pictures to show. :) They'll come next week. Ok, some of them will come next week. Some will get deleted after we giggle at them some more. Or, I may save them for blackmail.

Lots of fun Friday night. More people out for sure. Saw some neat sites and stores. Saw some drunk dude break a bar window and get tackled by a bunch of guys. Cops everywhere down here. Lots of street entertainers

I wore my Texas Rangers tank top, so everyone was calling me Texas. Got lots of beads - still no boobs displayed - I asked a N.O. cop about that and if the thought even entered my mind, the idea of police activity was a great deterrent.

One thing that has stuck out has been how nice everyone is here. From the staff everywhere to the people on the street and the tourists. Only a couple of nasty people. One old lady gave me a nasty look and a boutique salesgirl was nasty to my friend. She's a size 4 or 6, I'm not sure. She's skinny, let's put it that way. She had a pretty dress on her arm to go try on when the tacky sales girl said "I'm not sure who you may be planning to buy that for, but it won't fit you. It's a size 0." Wow. That was like Pretty Woman to me and I was shocked.

I did have a nice compliment from one of my colleagues here. I mentioned being plus sized and she admonished me greatly for saying that. That was sweet. Last night, one guy came up to me and lavished me with praise. It was so much that I actually blushed. That doesn't happen very often.


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