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Sunday night sillies

Its always easy to tell when I've been up too long. I get really goofy. Ok, goofier than normal.

I put on earbuds and listen to YouTube (it's the poor gal's Ipod - its just a bitch to try to take jogging with you *cracking myself up*).

See what I mean?

Occasionally, I remove the earbuds and ask Army of Dad what he thinks? He doesn't get 80s music. Of course, he was a pre-schooler in the 80s. There are drawbacks to marrying a boytoy.

With the earbuds out, I can hear Iron Chef: America (or whatever it is called) and they're describing what is in some dish. All I can think is "You had me at bacon." Yep.

Speaking of, the State Fair of Texas is going on (not that I've been since I was in high school) but they have chicken fried bacon this year. That just sounds so incredibly tasty. Of course, since I have no gallbladder, Army of Dad joked that I'd have to eat it while standing in line for the restroom so I'll be ready to go as soon as the tasty delight gets ingested. Yep, I can feel the intestinal pain now. But, it would be so worth it.


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