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Help Wanted

Between phone interviews and writing, I peruse the want ads for me and Army of Dad. Today I saw a "product manager" listing on Craigslist and checked it out - since that was one of his job titles in a previous job - and this is the job listing:

Activities and Responsibilities:
- Household & personal shopping (grocery, small & large purchases)
- Pay bills online & via mail
- Do small to large organizational projects
- Create & manage household calendar
- Shop for clothes for daughter & help design/decorate her room
- Take in / pick up dry cleaning & laundry
- Conduct internet research for family/home items, activities, vacations
- Infrequent, but occasional babysitting
- Vehicle maintenance
- Assist with planning of small parties & medium scale events
- Purchase gifts for relatives, friends & playmates
- Maintain list of potential activities for playdates
- Help schedule & coordinate learning & playdate activities
- Print & digital photo archiving & framing
- Occasionally work with daughter on homework assignments
- Provide occasional transportation for daughter to activities

Location: Dallas
Compensation: $31,596 - $92,927
This is a part-time job.

Hey, I think Army of Dad is looking to replace me and pay someone better for only doing it part time. Hmm.


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