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War loss

I was saddened last week about the helicopter crash in Iraq that left seven dead. When I heard it was filled with military from Texas and Oklahoma, it seemed a little too close to home. Then I heard today about the loss of Warrant Officer Corry Edwards from my hometown of Kennedale.

My best friend growing up still lives there and her kids go to Kennedale schools. The news said the soldier was 37/38 (I've heard both ages). That is really close to my age, so I called my friend to see if she knew him or his family. Turns out his wife is the PTA president where my friend's youngest child goes to school. My friend knew her from school, but no more than a passing hello.

But, it hits all of us very close to home. He leaves a wife and two children. Not to mention his parents. God love 'em all. He gave the greatest sacrifice for his country. I know it made me feel petty for being angry at my husband and frustrated with my life. I may be going over a speed bump in life, but my family is intact and I feel blessed for that. I'll pray for the Edwards family tonight. I know they're going to need it.


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