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Prettiest Girl in the World

Little Bit has her own theme song that I created for her as a toddler. To my own off-key tune, we sing "Who's the prettiest girl in the world? It's Little Bit Stinkerbelle." I used to sing all of it. Now, I sing it as a question to her and she answers with her name. It's pretty darn cute. Now, Army of Dad sings it, too. :) But, is this not the cutest child on the planet? She even makes that tacky hat and scarf look good! She reminds me of my college roommate, my BFF and my friend, Kelvinator. Those three women can take a goofy hat and make it look awesome while adorning themselves into an absolute precious state. *sigh* I just look goofy when I try stuff like that. But, she's got it going on. Damn. That is one cute child. Even with Oreo remnants on the corner of her mouth and tomato sauce on her chin. :) Guess her mother could get out a wetwipe at some point. Nahhh. She even makes her food on her face look good. LOL


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