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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


What a rocking post-birthday


*fanning self*

I'm sitting in the swanky lobby/resident area of Cirque - one of the upscale high-rise condos in Uptown Dallas. I just spent a glorious night watching people walk over to the AAC for whatever event was there last night. We dined on Lemmon Avenue among all the beautiful gay men. I felt very proud every time one sized up my husband (whom I'm sure they think would make a glorious bear *he's going to kill me for saying that*) ... but, it has been great.

We slept late (ok late for me is 7 these days). I woke up to watch the sun rise over downtown. Lovely. Sat around and read, soaked in a great tub.

Ahhh. Life is good.

Now, I have people making me an omelette.

Then, I'm off to partake of another high-rise condo in a little while. Yeah, life is good.


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