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Resistance is Futile

Subbing at one of the high schools yesterday had lots of weird things going on with it. For one, I subbed for a friend of mine - I worked with her husband 15 years ago out in West Texas. They moved here a few years ago and we run into each other every now and then. But, that was just a fluke. Then, one of the kids in her class used to live in our house. No kidding. We bought the house from his family about 9.5 years ago. How weird is that?

But, the best part of subbing Thursday. There was a boy in a class named Ryker. Now, I loves me some ST:TNG, so I was loving that name. However, I had to stifle a giggle a few times because I wanted to call him No. 1. When I needed someone to take the attendance sheet to the office, I almost said "No. 1, I have an away mission for you." *still giggling* We had a fire drill, too, during this class. *rolling my eyes* But, I kept thinking RED ALERT, RED ALERT! Man battle stations!"

*entertaining myself wildly*

Today, I get first-graders. We'll see, but I think so far, I prefer the half-days at high schools.

and, on the good news front (blog posts to come eventually), Hot Rod guest played in a soccer tournament last weekend and the team won second place; Little Bit got her orange belt last night; and Pickle got his adult blue belt. I have such good kids.


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