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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Sir Duke

Just wandering down Nostalgia Lane while working on deadline. I love this tune. It just reminds me of summer time as a girl.


  • At 11:57 AM, December 15, 2008, Blogger El Capitan said…

    Echoes of my childhood... I used to bop around my Huffy bike for hours on end, listening to my uber-cool AM radio that bolted to the handlebars!

    "You're listening to the smooth sounds of summer on Double-You Eye Bee Cee, Circle City's home of the hot hits! That was Glen Campbell's 'Southern Nights' finishing off the set! We started with Gary Wright's 'Dream Weaver', followed by 'Calypso' from John Denver and Alan O'Day's 'Undercover Angel'!

    Next up, a hot new number that's tearing up the charts! Here's Starland Vocal Band with 'Afternoon Delight!'"

    Such was radio in the 70's... Yup, I remember the songs before they were jokes in a Will Ferrell movie...


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