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Awash in a blush

I figured at some point in time, the object of my Cougarish cyber-affections would do a Google search for his name and stumble upon the ramblings of a 40-year-old cheerleading coach baseball mom (who obviously writes in run-on sentences).

Well, it appears that it wasn't Collin Mangrum who found it. Oh my goodness. Instead, it was his mother. Am I glad that I apologized, in advance, to the dear lady for my impure thoughts about her adorable offspring.

I got a great email from her this afternoon. I am so glad that she took the swooning in stride and wasn't horrified that the cougar was on the prowl. Now, of course, if I ever see poor Collin, I'm not sure who will me pinker in the face. Me, because everyone knows what a dirty old woman I am, or him because his mom signed her email - Army of B.B. (blushing boy). Yeah, how can a mom with a sense of humor like that NOT raise a great kid. She invited me and the family to come meet her and their family after a game (they're at all the home games, too, apparently).

We'll see if I can do it without dying of embarrassment. I don't blush very often, but when I do, I can feel the various shades of pink heat my face as they get redder.


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