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Cougar on the Prowl


For once, I actually had a good dream about a hot young guy. Not Billy Boyd. Not Kelsey Grammar and not Robin Williams. Yes, I had a nice dream about (I'm so going to hell for this one): Collin Mangrum.

Who, you may ask? Just the hottest boy on the UNT Mean Green basketball team. *heart thumping* He is so absolutely adorable and he looks incredibly corruptible. Worst part is that he seems to be a really good kid. He worked with Hot Rod at basketball camp last summer and is a good Christian guy. Every interview, he's thanking God for his achievements. Heck, even his MySpace page gives big props to the Man upstairs.


So, while the Cougar may be purring, she's admiring from about three rows up from the players' bench in the Super Pit. But, last night, at least, I was able to satiate my taste for tall young men. LOL. Ok, not completely, but it was well on its way until Mike and Mike started yapping on AoD's alarm clock. We were just making plans for later in the night when the sports dudes interrupted. Drats. Foiled again.

Probably makes me look like a stalker that when you do a Google image search for the boy's name, pretty much the only pics of him listed there are from my blog.

I'm sure the dream was the result of the afterglow of the Mean Green's
come from behind win last night. That was really exciting to watch. Hot Rod was a ball boy/sweeper for the game, too. I'm going to upload those videos to give everyone a giggle. That boy is too funny.

So, my apologies to Mrs. Mangrum. I, too, am the mom of two cute boys and I'm sure that someday there will be some old Mrs. Robinson out there willing to corrupt them. *shuddering* And, that is a disgusting thought. But, I just have to thank you, ma'am, for giving your son his handsome looks. He got the great biceps on his own, I think. *sigh*


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