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Dear God, please let the Vikings win

Ok, so Hot Rod is almost a foot taller, but this picture demonstrates the Viking love that traveled from Minnesota and into Texas. So, today, the Vikings take on the Eagles.

As I get on bended knee, I'd like to ask each of you to recite the same prayer with me:

Dear God. Please let the Vikings win. It would make my house a helluva lot happier than if the Eagles win. Please let McNabb twist an ankle or something temporary and not extremely painful, but enough of an injury to keep him from performing well. Please let Westbrook and Dawkins each have some intestinal issues or some inner-ear thing that will throw off their balance. And, Lord, while I'm here, please let Peterson and Jackson grip the ball tightly and avoid turnovers.

I ask all these things in Your Heavenly Son's name, Amen.


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