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Out of the mouths of babes

I was trying to explain to Hot Rod exactly what a mammogram is and what it does. The best description I could come up with was it is an x-ray of my breast.

He went back to school today for the first time since he left early on Tuesday. Apparently, he had a conversation in the hallway with his homeroom teacher and his science teacher.

Science teacher: Hot Rod, we're so glad you're back.
Homeroom teacher: Yeah, we missed having you here.
Hot Rod: Yeah, mom said she thought I was feeling well enough to come back and besides *looking around to make sure no one is nearby* she is having a boob x-ray today and I didn't want to go to that with her.

The science teacher told me about this exchange in the hallway shortly after it occurred. She said it took every ounce of restraint on both teacher's parts not to burst out laughing. I walked into his homeroom a few minutes later to make sure his teacher didn't need anything else from me and she just looked at me and smiled a knowing smile.


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