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20+ years later

It is funny to see all the reactions to how we felt in high school and how those things stick with us all these years later.

I loves me some Jen Lancaster and can't wait for her new book to come out. It is about her high school years and apparently she got an email from a woman she went to high school with - that gal's daughter apparently bought Jen's book and asked her mom if she might know her because Jen and the mom were from the same home town (and apparently around the same age.) Well, apparently this mom harbored ill feelings toward Jen since high school. Jen posts about it and the comments start rolling in.

What is funny to me is that I can identify with both people in this story. I can identify with Jen - who doesn't even remember this girl and therefore has no idea how she was mean to her. I have had that happen. I had some girl I went to church with come up to be at church camp (back in high school) and apologize for hating me so much. Huh? She hated me for some reason that I have already forgotten, but suffice it to say that she felt I slighted her in some way. The sad thing is that she was already the size of a house at age 16 and I weighed like 95 pounds soaking wet and already had curves by age 14. So, I'm guessing that played some role in it because I really was nice to everyone (except maybe some boys, for which I feel great remorse for). But, I have a friend on Facebook who if I never saw or spoke to again, I'd be ok with that. I was shocked when she saw me and asked to be my FB friend.

Wanna know why? When I was about a freshman and she was a junior, she said she wanted to kick my ass. Why, you ask? Because I wore my make-up the same way every day was her answer when I asked her why she wanted to beat me up. The worse part was that she was probably the baddest of all badasses in high school. She was a karate champ and I KNEW she could kick my ass and maim my pretty little face. So, I was terrified for a while. Some 22 years later, I haven't forgotten that. While I would be cordial and friendly had I ran into her on the street, I wouldn't go out of my way to find her and be on friendly terms. As it is, she probably doesn't even remember it and I'm not going to bring it up either.


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