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Sixth Floor Museum

Thought this was a cool shot of the moon over downtown Dallas at like 2 p.m. in the afternoon a few weeks ago.

And, the flag was blowing beautifully with the cloudless blue sky in Dealey Plaza.

My mom and I took Hot Rod to the museum. He has been very interested in presidential things since the election was heating up last summer. He has been reading books about the presidents and then Presidents Day last week gave him an opportunity to learn more history as well. Since we live near Dallas, we have quite a bit of presidential history right under our noses. So, he wanted to go to the Sixth Floor Museum to learn more about JFK's assasination.

And, X marks the spot of one of the sniper shots on JFK. Some stupid tourists actually put their kids out there (mind you, it is in the middle of the street in downtown Dallas. Hello dumbasses. *shaking my head*) And, for those of you who don't know, JFK stopped off in Fort Worth before going to Dallas. He even got a new cowboy hat presented to him there, although he wouldn't put it on. LOL. But, I digress. My friends and I who worked at the Fort Worth Business Press talked about making our own T-shirts that showed JFK in Fort Worth that read: He was fine when he left here. (for those located out of Texas, folks in Fort Worth have the belief that our city is better than Dallas. Folks in Dallas don't consider it a competition. I have a shirt that reads: Life's too short to live in Dallas. Just a little geographic information for you.) But, regardless, the boy loved the museum and we had to drag him out of there. He would have stayed even longer had we let him, so he could go back to see things three or four times.


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