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AoM Family Status

Not sure how much we've shared, but Little Bit started feeling sick last Wednesday. Took her to the doctor on Thursday after Pickle had strep the week before and Hot Rod had an ear infection. Dr said she had a run of the mill virus that we just had to watch. Strep test was negative. She seemed to be better Friday afternoon other than a fever that wouldn't go away. By Saturday, she seemed fine and went to cheer and to a party. She was good until late Saturday night, when she started getting ill again. By Sunday morning, she was lethargic - not even having the energy to walk to the bathroom. She threw up twice and was eating very little. Drinking some water and sucking on an occasional popsicle. Called the doctor back Monday morning and they saw her pretty quickly. Did a flu test and that was negative. Peed in a cup, no UTI either. So, he said she seemed dehydrated. The dr gave us the choice of trying an IV bag at the ER or staying overnight at the hospital. Told him regardless of which, we were going to the children's hospital in Fort Worth. So, he said we were in luck - he could call ahead and have a room for us in the ER, so we walked in and had an IV placed in less than 20 minutes! Had a chest xray, showed no pneumonia. Tummy xray showed no obstruction/constipation either. Only thing we know is that her white blood cell count is down from the blood test, but that is consistent with a virus. If she's not better by Wednesday, we go back to the dr. She did throw up again on the way to the hospital, but she kept down a biscuit and a couple of bites of cinnamon roll after that. She got a bit of her energy back after the IV and wanted to eat. She managed to keep down some crackers and a bowl of cereal Monday night and slept all night. She seems fine this morning. So, I'm thinking she can go back to school tomorrow. *knocking on wood*

Of course, now I'm completely run down and feel the cold attacking me again. *sigh*


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