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Bleeding Green

Only three more UNT Mean Green men's basketball games to go for this season and I'm starting to get a little blue about it. We have such a good time going. We see friends we know in the community and the kids enjoy playing and the atmosphere.

My favorite player is out for the season, too. Bless his heart. I could see his frustration when he played in the last game Saturday. You could tell he was hurting and uncomfortable when he was on the court. Still, I thought he held his own pretty well grabbing some boards. On the upside of that, I got to meet his mom. She is sweet, kind and very pretty. I can see where he gets his good looks (or at least half of them, didn't get to meet his dad. :) She didn't even try to strangle me or anything for checking out her kiddo.

She mentioned that our family must bleed green and I think we do and it starts early. I didn't think to tell her this story, but I thought of it this morning. When Pickle was about 5 or 6, Baylor (my alma mater) came to Denton to play UNT for a football game. I was so excited. I got Baylor shirts for Army of Dad and Pickle. (I had a couple already, go figure.) So, we get to the game and Pickle cries and cries and cries.

"I don't want to cheer for Baylor. I want to cheer for the Mean Green!"

So, Army of Dad took him down to the souvenir stand and bought the child a UNT shirt (which now fits Stinkerbelle). He was happy until the end of the game, when he cried some more, because Baylor won.

So, yeah, it isn't quite the shade of green I had hoped the children would bleed, but I'll take it. I think I can better afford a UNT education more than one at Baylor anyway. (And, yes to my MIL and husband, I'm sure a University of Florida education would be affordable after the first year, too!)


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