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On the Mound

Well, Hot Rod got to start off the scrimmage last night on the mound. His coach is trying to determine who will be in his rotation and wanted to try out the three or four kids who are vying for the last two spots. I thought he did ok. If the first baseman hadn't dropped two perfectly thrown balls, Hot Rod would have been out of the inning without a runner on base. Unfortunately, the kid trying at first just couldn't cut it. Not sure if I blogged about it or not, but a few weeks ago, Hot Rod had his first fistfight at school - on a day when I was subbing and happened to be on the playground at the same time.
That was probably a good thing for him.
Because I was there, I was able to handle him and not have an office referral for him. But, when I call it a fistfight, that may be an overstatement. It was really more a beat-down. Hot Rod put that kid in his place. I think it had been a long time coming with these two and Hot Rod reminded me of Ralphie in A Christmas Story when the bully got it and got it good. Ok, what brought on that story was the the kid Hot Rod beat up was on the opposing team. Best part for Hot Rod: he struck the kid out. I don't think anything could have made the evil grin on my son's face any bigger. *shaking my head*


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