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Hit me, baby, one more time

Back at the Rangers game on Saturday night. We got there early enough to watch the Twins take batting practice. Star reliever Joe Nathan came over to sign autographs and both kiddos got him to sigh for them. Hot Rod got his autograph on a baseball card.
Little Bit managed to go one step farther. She got a signature on a baseball card and her Twins hat. Best thing about this Twins hat (to me) is that it made it through all three kids. I got it for Pickle when he was about 2. I got it at then McFrugal's (now Big Lots) for $2. I didn't care which team was on it, I just thought it was cute because it had a baseball Bugs Bunny and Pickle was all about the Looney Tunes as a little one (still is).
Here, the kids are patiently waiting for their turn at an autograph.
Joe Mauer gearing up pre-game.
Nick Punto warming up during batting practice.
Little Bit got Manager Ron Gardenhire's autograph on her hat. I think Hot Rod got it on a baseball card last year or the year before. So, he didn't try. Gardenhire got tossed in the ninth inning of the game Saturday for arguing a call. Joe Nathan fielded a grounder and went to tag out Nelson Cruz, who ran out of the base line to avoid the tag. Then, the toss to first wasn't in time. He was called safe, but Nathan and Gardenhire argued the run out of baseline should've earned him an out.
Morneau's fine backside while running bases. Elvis Andrus (the new Rangers SS) is quick, just by the way. They play the "Elvis has left the building" music whenever Elvis does something good. I had to explain it to my youngster of a husband. He didn't get why I was laughing when it was played.
My two favorite Rangers - Josh Hamilton and Baylor alum David Murphy (sic 'em Bears).
Doesn't she look a bit like Half Pint from Little House on the Prairie with the braids?
And, an Army of Mom and Little Bit self portrait.
Army of Dad and his happy sweaty little Twins fans. Not sure what that Hot Rod face is all about. But, it was a good night.


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