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Take me out to the ballgame

The Twins are in town this weekend. So, we went Friday and Saturday nights. Alas, the Twins won both nights, but that makes for a happy household for everyone but me. And, I can handle it. The mixed marriage isn't so bad during baseball season. It is really bad during football season, though.
Here is Josh Hamilton before he slammed a homer and brought in him and Ian Kinsler (at 3b here).
Justin Morneau at bat.
Joe Mauer at bat. We had great seats for the Friday game.
And a great banner: Chuck Norris wears Josh Hamilton PJs. I had to explain it to the ladies next to us. They hadn't heard all the Chuck Norris jokes.
And a funnel cake was delightfully inhaled by Hot Rod and his buddy.
I just thought this was pretty.
I thought this was equally nice. Michael Young. :)
Even nicer was the handsome Joe Mauer warming up the pitcher before the game. It was really cool to shoot from right above him in the bullpen.
And, the cute boys before they demolished the funnel cake. Best part of this game was the fact that our tickets were free. Or relatively free. I bought a coupon sheet fundraiser earlier this summer for $40. There were four free tickets and then a ton of buy one, get one free coupons. So, this was our free game. We used our BOGO for Saturday night. Not going tonight because Little Bit and Army of Dad have an awards night for the soccer season. Hot Rod and I are gearing up for Aerosmith and ZZ Top.


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