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I left my heart (and thong) in San Francisco

I keep giggling and humming the Thong Song this morning.

In November, the non-profit professional organization for which I serve the national board has its annual board meeting in San Francisco. So, I'm planning to attend (my first time there) and I had to tell one of the high school volunteers that I may not be able to help with some event in November if they overlap with the time of the trip. So, I went to bed with that on my mind.

And, then I had a dream about one of my fellow board members. I had to send him an email to tell him about it. Here was my email to him:

Email subject: Man of My Dreams
LOL. Well, yes you are, apparently. I had the weirdest dream last night and not sure why you were the hero, but there you were. :) You and I were working here in my home office on some (board) stuff for the San Francisco meeting (I was thinking about that trip before bed last night, so maybe that was what planted (the board) and San Francisco in my head). So, anyway, you and I are working when some hobo/bum wanders into the office and goes to sleep on my couch. You and I exchange looks, but decide it is better to leave him alone as long as he's sleeping and not smelling too badly. So, you leave to go do something in the other room when I accidentally bump the bum and wake him up. He wakes up pulling a knife and I start screaming for you to come help. I am in the process of locking myself in the bathroom when you run in and start to scuffle with the fella. I woke up when I was trying to get you to come lock yourself in the bathroom with me because I was afraid you were going to get stabbed and it would be my fault!

Here is his response:

LOL! Thanks for the amusing story. I have a lot of bizarre dreams myself. One just the other night involved two art directors here (whom I barely know) who were married to each other in the dream. Don't think I'll mention it to them.

Years ago, my former editor (a married guy about 15 years older than me and a total homophobe) had a dream about me in a thong and proceeded to tell the entire staff. I was mortified that 1. he had that dream and 2. that he didn't realize how weird he looked telling people about it. My friends from (the old workplace) and I still laugh about that one ... Can't wait for SF ... counting down the days!! And I promise to protect you, thong or no thong! Take care, *signed*

So, now I keep picturing this tall lanky guy in a thong singing the Sisqo song. I'm going to have to play that at our board meeting. :) I posted the link on his Facebook page for good measure, too.


  • At 4:08 PM, September 01, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Didn't you have a strange moment at a conference in Florida? I think it was a writers conference but, not sure. Anyway, maybe there is your connection. Dion


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