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Back to School Blues

This evening, Hot Rod got to meet his fifth-grade teacher. She's got to be cool, right? She has her nose pierced.
And, Little Bit's teacher is adorable and bubbly. And, she has her calm, collected attitude despite her youthful appearance. Looks like Little Bit has a classmate with a transgendered parent. And, First Grade Teacher handled the talks with grace. No fumbling, just very matter of fact. I think my eyeballs might have bugged out of my head had it been me. Although, it looks like I'll be the room mom again. So, me and the transgendered "mom" may be planning parties together. Super. Not that there's anything wrong with it.
And, I caught Pickle dashing away from the minivan this morning as he approached the high school for freshman orientation day. I think he liked school. Only complaint was about lunch being brief with long lines to get food.
Here is a big smile captured by the cell phone camera while approaching the high school drop-off point. If we can survive the drop-off and pick-ups tomorrow, we'll be doing well. Parents turn into slobbering idiots when it comes to the first week of school and the routine. *sigh*


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