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RIP Patches

This is Patches, the dog we got when Hot Rod was just a few weeks old more than 10 years ago. I love this picture, the last one I took of her on July 6. She still had some energy then. Little Bit was playing with the water hose and that was Patches' favorite thing. To get squirted with the hose. She'd jump and try to snap at the water in the air and revel in the falling droplets of water on her fur and skin. She was most alive in those moments.
Unfortunately, the last few months, she started dropping weight and stopped eating. We knew she was dying, but she still seemed so alive and full of happiness. Yesterday, apparently, she took a turn for the worst. Today, my dad went down to the vet's office and asked him to come look at her. The vet said she likely had heart worms or cancer and he put her down for daddy. He couldn't bring himself to put her out of her misery. It broke his heart. He took her for us probably nine years ago. She was bored and gnawing on the siding of our house and it was more than I could take. He loved her and gave her a home with her pen-mate, 99. Little Bit considered Patches her dog and 99 was Hot Rod's dog. Poor Little Bit sobbed and sobbed when we told her. I have been teary-eyed much of the day. My mom called me this morning to warn me that today was probably the day.
Army of Dad fussed at me to blog since we've had so much fun stuff going on recently. But, I've been having more fun living the fun stuff than blogging it. I don't know. Anyway. It is a sad night in our home.


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