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AoM: The Mobile Billboard

I made an appointment to put Army of Dad's car in the shop to have some routine maintenance done. But, by making the appointment I could get a loaner car. Uh, yeah. The only thing they had available was the manager's truck with the Toyota wrap on it. So, I'm driving the Tundra with the advertisments all over it. It is laughable enough that I'm driving a truck. I haven't done that since 1990! But, I love how I have this dude's body and while he isn't, it looks like he's shooting the bird from far away.

Here's Hot Rod having some road rage.

And, the whole gang.

Little Bit's tiny head on the lady's body.

Again with the shrunken head thing.
Here is the whole thing on one side. It was crazy to drive it because everyone was looking at me. Sort of gave me a complex. :) But, it also reminded me of a scene from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" when Judge Reinhold's character is driving the pirate-mobile for some fast food place and some chicks are smiling at him. He thinks they're checking him out and then he realizes he is dressed like a douchebag pirate driving the pirate-mobile. :) Arr, matey. Go buy a Toyota Tundra.


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