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Sweet Emotion

It was definitely a Sweet Emotion for Hot Rod going to his first ever concert for his very favorite band - Aerosmith. It was so awesome. They put on a great show and now I'm a giant Joe Perry fan. He was so incredible. I was disappointed that Aerosmith only played for about 80 minutes *but they rocked those 80 minutes.* Of course, it makes sense that they fit my title: The Geezers of Rock. They're getting old and it was hotter than hell for the whole show. Me and the boy had some bonding time there, too, which was the best part of it all to me.

The crowd was pretty cool even if I did have some guy standing in my personal space. We managed to share that 2x2 square without touching more than twice, so it worked out. Hot Rod stood on a chair (the crowd stood the entire concert) so he could see and it worked out that he wasn't blocking anyone. So, that was good, too.

We got to witness some really bad muffin top. *shuddering* And, an argument between some redneck and his wife. The dude had already purchased $350 in Aerosmith attire (most shirts were *gasp* $45 a piece!!!). We got the cheap shirts, just FYI. But, this guy was BACK in line to get MORE! His wife was fussing at him (not too quietly, either) that he was wasting money by buying more. She reminded him that he had ordered some shirts online, too! And he was still arguing when she finally gave up and walked away. Him and his buddy were going to buy more!

Redneck: I think I'm going to get four of that one from their first tour.
Redneck's buddy: Yeah, I think I'll get a few of that one, too, and cut off the sleeves. I want everyone to think I've been a fan since I was 16.
Redneck: Yeah, see that red shirt up there?
Redneck's buddy: Yeah.
Redneck: I got three of those. Didn't figure out till later that they're girl shirts and they're too big for my wife.
Redneck's buddy: Aw man.
Redneck: Yeah. So, I think I'll get three more of that one *pointing at something I didn't see* and then cut the sleeves off.
Redneck's buddy: That sounds good, dude. I was gonna tell you that I'd buy the shirts for you if your wife kept bitchin.

*deep sigh* Swear to God, that was the conversation. Hot Rod later recalled it and called the guy a big loser for wasting all that money on a bunch of T-shirts he could get online for $15 to $20 instead of $45 at the concert. And, I'm thinking, dude. My 10-year-old is smarter than you are!!!


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