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Seduced by the Dork Side

Yep. My mother-in-law and myself were captured by the Storm Troopers. And, you can tell just how frightened we were by the looks on our faces. :) We went to the Improv in Addison last week for a Comedy from the Dork Side show. We had a great time. The headliner didn't riff on dork jokes, so he was only so-so, but the opening comedians were great and very entertaining. I know everyone will be shocked, but it was our table that tended to be the audience participation. My MIL may - in fact - be louder and more assertive than I am. I know, its shocking.
My MIL was called both a MILF and a GILF by "Steve Awesome" during his act. You may recognize this guy from a picture I had taken at a sci-fi con a year or two ago. :) That was how I learned about the Dork Side comedy shows. He was, er, uh, "happy" to see my MIL ... as the lightsaber clearly indicates. I thought Army of Dad may crawl under a rock at one point during the show. Thankfully, he didn't see this photo opp.


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