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Four for Four

Nope, I'm not stuttering. My little American karate girl won her fourth straight karate tournament (ok, one sparring match). So, she is 4 for 4 taking first place. She was quite proud of herself, too. She won 3-0.
Best part was that her Grandma got to see the victory. Yes, my mother-in-law arrived safely this morning.
Hot Rod got in on the grandma love, too.
We were missing Pickle this afternoon as he was still at his dad's house, but he is back now and will be with us for a couple of weeks. We're getting ready now for a family cookout with Army of Dad's aunt and two of his four cousins that live in the Dallas area. Two other cousins can't make it. But, it will be nice for Army of Grandma to get to see the family again. All of us. :)


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