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My stylin' new bag

I got a freebie recently and I've been waiting to review it until I had a chance to use it. This week I got my first chance to do just that. It is a Reese Li designer diaper bag. Retails for around $140. It is really pretty and very stylish. It is the kind of thing that doesn't make you too embarrassed to carry around a diaper bag. Lots of pockets and a clip for your phone or pocketbook as well as a clip with a self-contained changing pad are included. The bottom has sturdy little metal feet (for lack of a better word) to keep the bag from getting all scuffed up when you are moving it around.

Since I am past the diaper stage (thank God), I've been using the bag for my laptop (it fits perfectly). It is a really nice all-purpose bag for me. My only suggestion for the bag would be to include a shoulder strap. It has lovely handles, which are adjustable to make the bag easier to carry, but I like a shoulder strap for bags like this. *shrug* That may just be me. Either way, I really like the bag and will use it. A lot. Thanks to the folks at, who would like to promote their Stokke Tripp Trapp.


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