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Welcoming the Troops Home

Today, I accompanied my mother-in-law and the kids to DFW International Airport to welcome home the troops who were landing at DFW on their way home for R&R from Iraq and Afghanistan (via Germany). It was an early morning as the flight is scheduled to land at 7:55 a.m. This meant a 6:45 a.m. departure from home for my sleepy clan.
But, when we saw the smiling and surprised faces of the troops coming home to applause, high fives and handshakes - it was all worth a little missed snoozing.
The large majority of the soldiers really seemed to appreciate the sentiment expressed by those there to welcome them home.
The kids enjoyed giving the soldiers a high five.

This soldier's knees buckled when she saw her children. I had big tears in my eyes and almost felt like an intruder into their private moment.
I like this picture a lot. The girl on the far left was there to welcome her fella back, but didn't realize when he told her he was getting on the plane yesterday that he wouldn't get here till tomorrow morning. She waited until the last soldier was getting off the flight. Finally a volunteer went to find out information for her. So, she'll be back in the morning. You can see Little Bit and my MIL in the foreground. In the center back, you can see a soldier greeting his baby. That brought tears to my eyes, too. It was incredibly sweet. His wife wore her 'catch me, eff me' heels to welcome him back, but promptly stepped out of them and went barefoot as soon as she saw him. :) He was getting hugged, kissed and photographed by other family members and I noticed him turn to look at his wife, who smiled at him and gestured for him to spend that time with his parents and other family members. I'm guessing she's planning a special welcome home later. :)
As we were leaving, I got the kids lined up with grandma for a nice picture.
And, yet another photo with the sunflower floor in the parking garage.


  • At 4:10 PM, July 31, 2009, Blogger Gadfly said…

    I tried to buy some Rangers a drink when I was at the airport last, but the older warrant officer with them said they weren't allowed when they were deploying :-(


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