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Officially Oinking

Well, looks like the H1N1 (swine) flu has hit the AoM household. Pickle started feeling puny on Saturday. Then, this morning Hot Rod woke up feeling sick. AoD and I started feeling a bit achy with hacking coughs this morning and this afternoon Little Bit started coughing some.

Took the boys in and the doctor said he didn't see any reason to test to confirm, he felt they have the flu. Good news was that were not dehydrated (a big deal with Pickle's CAH) and it was not in their chests (good news with Hot Rod's asthma). But, because Pickle is high risk (and we're all in the family), he wanted to be aggressive and treat it with Tamiflu. He said if Little Bit started exhibiting symptoms (which she just has since we got home this evening with a small cough and 99.9 temp) ... to call him and he'll call in the Tamiflu for her.

On a bright note, Pickle's sensei said if he worked hard, Pickle could test for his brown belt this fall. That is a GIANT step for him as it is a three-hour comprehensive test in American karate. Met with Hot Rod's teacher today and he has tested at an 11th grade reading level. She said he wasn't just reading the words, but comprehending them, too! Amazing. Little Bit's teacher said she had mastered most of the first-grade things that they're expected to know by the middle of the first grade, so she's doing well, too. She said the music teacher told her today that she is one of only four first-graders selected to sing solos in the first grade performance in February, too.

So, there is some good with the bad. I was very excited to get an unexpected paycheck (had a magazine fold and leave me hanging for $1000 worth of work, but managed to sell one of my stories for $350), so I was planning to put some of that up for Christmas and some bills, but it will go toward the $160 worth of doctor's visits and Rx. I think I'll be calling in Tamiflu for Little Bit tomorrow. At least we had the money for all of this. That is a blessing. Go Vikings! Gotta hope they'll win tonight or AoD will REALLY be sick. :)


  • At 8:31 PM, October 05, 2009, Blogger Mo K said…

    Well, crap!! That's awful :-(
    I hope you all aren't suffering for too long. That's no way to "share" as a family!
    Glad to know that there was at least some good news. Y'all sure have smart kids :-)


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