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I wonder what Scrappy looks like without his Scrappy skin on? And, I wonder if he sees us out at the mall or something and cracks up because he knows us, but we don't know him. Hmm. I wonder. But, our kids do love them some Scrappy. Even with his poor sad worn-out gloves/hands.
Now, I need to grab Scrappy next time Pickle is with us to get a picture of him with Scrappy, too. That's what happens when he's gone for a weekend and misses stuff. Little Bit was a ball girl/sweeper for the UNT Women's game last week. The first half of the game was boring, but the second half was pretty good. The Mean Green came back to win in the second half. That may be one reason it was more exciting.
Thanksgiving was fun and event-filled for us. Very little down time, which is normal for our family. I did get some straightening up accomplished. Got the wreath on the front door and our yard decorations up (we don't have much). Did get a lot of little things done. Some Christmas shopping was accomplished. I thought about getting up at O Dark Thirty, but opted to head to Best Buy about 7:45 a.m. instead. Got almost all that I wanted and needed to get done, which is good. Spent some quality time with Hot Rod. Pickle went with his dad and Little Bit stayed with my parents for a few days. Got lots of pics to post, but not a lot of time to do it. I was up late tonight finishing some work and thought I'd throw these up on the blog. Ok, not literally, but you get the idea.


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