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Snow Days!

We're on day four of the being stuck at home snow week. It really is lovely, but all a giant PITA.

I needed a diversion, so Little Bit and I made some cookies one afternoon.

The dogs have been indoors most of the time since it has been so cold. They have been loving it. And, it has been sort of nice for us, too. A few weeks ago, we took the dogs in for their annual check-up and learned that Rosie (the almost 14-year-old dog in the pink blanket) has some large tumors that are most likely inoperable. At her advanced age, the vet recommended letting her live out her days as long as she's comfortable as it would be too hard on her system (and possibly kill her sooner) to try and do surgeries to remove them. So, we're loving our time with Rosie while we have her.

Here are some giant icicles out our back door.

Happy Belle scampering in the snow.

Rosie stretching before a quick scamper in the snow with Belle.

Little Bit

Hot Rod

Texas sledding.

More Texas sledding.

My handsome honey.


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