Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Golden Boy

He has seven medal - five of them gold. He could have easily earned his sixth gold tonight by swimming in a 400-meter medley relay, but he bowed out and gave his teammate, Ian Crocker, the chance to earn it.
Michael Phelps is not only one of the greatest swimmers in recent history (maybe all history) and a cutie, to boot, but he is a team player. His momma must get prouder of him every day. Now, it isn't totally altruistic, I'm thinking. He swam in the qualifying prelims, so he'll still get a medal if they win, but he won't be on the podium to accept it.

He told Sports Boy (i.e. Bob Costas) last night that he is moving from his home in Baltimore to Michigan to follow his coach. But, he said he'll probably still talk to his mom every day. What a sweet boy. Army of Dad, if the chance comes, I may bolt for Phelps.
Look at these low-rise swim trucks. Meow!


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