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Springsteen and the 'so-called' values of the Democratic party

Below is an excerpt from a Reuters story today, go to and go to the "entertainment" section. That ought to tell you something ... it isn't in politics, but entertainment.

Springsteen says Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards, "are sincerely interested in asking the right questions and working their way toward honest solutions."
Of the "Vote for Change" tour -- 34 shows in 28 cities -- in the first week of October, one month before the U.S. presidential election, Springsteen said, "Our goal is to change the direction of the government and change the current administration come November."
He then launched a blistering attack on Bush for undertaking an "unnecessary war in Iraq," running record budget deficits, cutting spending on social programs and giving a massive tax cut for the richest Americans -- a group that includes Springsteen himself.
"Our American government has strayed too far from American values," Springsteen wrote. "It is time to move forward. The country we carry in our hearts is waiting."

OHMIGOD ... we have strayed too far from American values? What friggin values is he talking about? Those of the Democratic party? Ptooey. I spit on their values. They value taxing my hard-earned money (ok, the hard-earned money of Army of Dad) to spend on programs for people who would rather trade their food stamps for crack or have more children to increase their AFDC. Maybe, the values he is talking about are to make sure we can still have partial birth abortions ... yeah, those are the American values that I'm proudest of.

Record deficits? I like that one from someone who supports the tax and spend party. That is a REALLY good one. And, that tax cut benefitted me and I certainly don't think I rank among the richest Americans (maybe in blessings, but not financially) so maybe the Boss needs to put down his joint and do some research. I applaud his desire to participate in the political system and I don't begrudge the man his opinions. I just get irked at performers using a captive audience to tout their beliefs. That includes Toby Keith, too, and I LOVE that man ... but I don't go to a show to hear about politics. Maybe have a special booth outside the concert for the crap you want to propagate, but leave the concert stage for music.

Ok, more on the values of the Democratic National Party. Below is a blog for the DNC ... and an entry from their newly appointed senior advisor for religious outreach, Brenda Bartella Peterson. Kicking Ass is what it is called ... now THAT is just what I expect from my moral leader ... but, that aside ...

Religious groups have questioned her appointment as a moral leader because of her support of taking "under God" out of the pledge of the allegiance. WHAT THE HELL? (pun intended)

Yes, these are the values of the Democratic party.


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